Easily Changeable Kurtosis Distribution


  • Piotr Sulewski Pomeranin University




The goal of this paper is to introduce the easily changeable kurtosis (ECK) distribution. The uniform distribution appears as a special cases of the ECK distribution. The new distribution tends to the normal distribution. Properties of the ECK distribution such as PDF, CDF, modes, inflection points, quantiles, moments, moment generating function, Moors’ measure, moments of order statistics, random number generator and the Fisher Information Matrix are derived. The unknown parameters of the ECK distribution are estimated by the maximum likelihood method. The Shannon, Renyi and Tsallis entropies are calculated. Illustrative examples of applicability and flexibility of the ECK distribution are given. The most important R codes are presented in the Appendix.




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Sulewski, P. (2023). Easily Changeable Kurtosis Distribution. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 52(3), 1–24. https://doi.org/10.17713/ajs.v52i3.1434