From climate simulations to statistics - Introducing the wux package


  • Thomas Mendlik Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz
  • Georg Heinrich
  • Andreas Gobiet
  • Armin Leuprecht



We present the R package wux, a toolbox to analyze projected climate change signals by numerical climate model simulations and the associated uncertainties. The focus of this package is to automatically process big amounts of climate model data from multi-model ensembles in a user-friendly and flexible way. For this purpose, climate model output in common binary format (NetCDF) is read in and stored in a data frame, after first being aggregated to a desired temporal resolution and then being averaged over spatial domains of interest. The data processing can be performed for any number of meteorological parameters at one go, which allows multivariate statistical analysis of the climate model ensemble.



How to Cite

Mendlik, T., Heinrich, G., Gobiet, A., & Leuprecht, A. (2016). From climate simulations to statistics - Introducing the wux package. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 45(1), 81-96.



Special Issue on R