The ESCB Quality Framework for European Statistics


  • Aurel Schubert European Central Bank
  • Catherine Ahsbahs European Central Bank



The aim of the paper is to provide a general presentation of the ESCB statistics quality framework. The first part of the paper is dedicated to the “Public commitment on European statistics by the ESCB”[1]and presents some of the similarities and differences of the public commitment relative to the main existing frameworks (e.g. the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and the IMF Data Quality Assessment Framework). It also provides some information on the process followed by the ESCB to converge with the European Statistics Code of Practice. In the second part, the paper presents the main quality assurance procedures put in place by the ESCB and applied to the whole statistical production chain (including the supporting IT infrastructure).

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Author Biographies

Aurel Schubert, European Central Bank

Director General Statistics Department

Catherine Ahsbahs, European Central Bank




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Schubert, A., & Ahsbahs, C. (2015). The ESCB Quality Framework for European Statistics. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 44(2), 3-11.