Austrian LFS Monthly Unemployment Rates


  • Daniela Gumprecht Statistics Austria, Vienna
  • Alois Haslinger Statistics Austria, Vienna
  • Alexander Kowarik Statistics Austria, Vienna



Since January 2011 Statistics Austria publishes monthly unemployment rates according to international definitions. Data stem solely from the Labour Force Survey and do not include any further information like national unemployment figures. Monthly unemployment rates are based on an adopted weighting scheme derived from the standard weighting scheme
for quarterly data. This procedure allows computing flash as well as final monthly unemployment estimates. Flash estimates are available in time to be used for Eurostat’s harmonized unemployment statistics which are part of the Principle European Economic Indicator set. Eurostat publishes monthly unemployment rates for the whole population as well as for some subgroups. Unadjusted values, seasonally adjusted values and trends components are available in the Eurostat’s data warehouse ‘new cronos’. Most of Austrians
(non-adjusted) monthly unemployment series (based on LFS data only) show no seasonal pattern and rather high volatility, especially series of small subgroups are quite erratic. Standard seasonal adjustment techniques recommended by Eurostat do not fit the specific Austrian situation. Therefore a new approach which is a compromise between the needs of Eurostat and the available data is pursued. Instead of applying seasonal adjustment techniques, trend calculations are carried out. Trend components are used as (seasonally)
adjusted values.


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