Tests Based on Kurtosis for Multivariate Normality


  • Danush Kanchana Wijekularathna Troy University
  • Huijun Yi
  • Adhiraj Roka




In this paper, we first transform a multivariate normal random vector into a random vector with elements that are approximately independent standard normal random variables. Then we propose the multivariate version generalized from the univariate normality test based on kurtosis from the literature. Power is investigated through the Monte Carlo Simulation with different significance level, dimension, and sample size. To assess the validity and accuracy of the new tests, we carry a comparative study with several other existing tests by selecting certain types of symmetric and asymmetric alternative distributions.



How to Cite

Wijekularathna, D. K., Yi, H., & Roka, A. (2019). Tests Based on Kurtosis for Multivariate Normality. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 48(5), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.17713/ajs.v48i5.853