Macro-Integration for Solving Large Data Reconciliation Problems


  • Nino Mushkudiani CBS
  • Jacco Daalmans CBS
  • Jeroen Pannekoek CBS



Macro-integration technique is a well established method for
reconciliation of large, high-dimensional tables, especially applied to macroeconomic data at national statistical oces (NSO). This technique is mainly used when data obtained from dierent sources should be reconciled on a macro level. New areas of applications for this technique arise as new data sources become available to NSO's. Often these new data sources cannot be combined on a micro level, while macro integration could provide a solution for such problems. Yet, more research should be carried out to investigate if in such situations macro integration could indeed be applied. In this paper we propose two applications of macro-integration techniques in other domains than the traditional macro-economic applications. In particular: reconciliation of tables of a virtual census and reconciliation of monthly series of short term statistics gures with the quarterly gures of structural business statistics.




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Mushkudiani, N., Daalmans, J., & Pannekoek, J. (2014). Macro-Integration for Solving Large Data Reconciliation Problems. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 43(1), 29–48.



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