Review on Distributions Generated Using Trigonometric Functions


  • Lishamol Tomy Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam
  • Lijimol Dominic St Thomas College Pala



In the present scenario, researchers are interested in developing new distributions based on trigonometric functions to model data.  Previously, data modelling was commonly done with standard and existing distribution functions. Recent research has demonstrated that trigonometrically transformed functions can be used to model a variety of data types, including data from the medical, psychiatric, industrial, and economic sectors as well as studies on life time data, observations on seasonal patterns, and data from other fields. This review article discusses some trigonometric distributions and their applications across a range of fields.  Using an actual dataset, a comparison analysis of a few selected models is conducted. Maximum likelihood estimates of the model parameters and various information criteria measures are obtained, and goodness of fit tests are performed for comparison.

Author Biography

Lishamol Tomy, Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam

Associate Professor

Department of Statistics
Deva Matha College
Kerala, 686633, India




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Tomy, L., & Dominic, L. (2024). Review on Distributions Generated Using Trigonometric Functions. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 53(3), 102–119.