Compound Conway-Maxwell Poisson Gamma Distribution: Properties and Estimation


  • Jahnavi Merupula Pondicherry University
  • V S Vaidyanathan Pondicherry University



The distribution of a random sum of random events is called a compound distribution. It involves a counting (discrete) distribution to model the number of occurrences of the random event in a fixed time period and a continuous distribution to model the outcome of the random event. It has applications in the fields of actuarial sciences, meteorology etc. For example, in modelling insurance loss amounts through compound distributions, the number of claims and the claim amounts are used to calculate the total claim amount of a portfolio. The number of claims is modelled through a discrete distribution and the claim amounts are modelled through continuous distributions. Generally, Poisson distribution is used in compound models as the discrete distribution and such models are known as compound Poisson models. However, the equi-dispersion property of the Poisson distribution hinders its application in scenarios where the underlying count data is either over- or under-dispersed. In this paper, a two-parameter Poisson distribution, namely, Conway-Maxwell Poisson (CMP) distribution, which handles both over- and under-dispersed data, is considered as the counting distribution, and the corresponding compound CMP distribution is developed. Some mathematical properties of the distribution are derived and a methodology to estimate the parameters using the likelihood approach is proposed. A numerical illustration of the proposed methodology is given through a simulation study. An application of the compound CMP model is illustrated through transportation security administration (TSA) insurance claim data. Also, the estimation of the risk measures associated with the TSA claim data is discussed.

Author Biography

Jahnavi Merupula, Pondicherry University

Ph.D. Research scholar, Department of statistics, Pondicherry University




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Merupula, J., & V S Vaidyanathan. (2024). Compound Conway-Maxwell Poisson Gamma Distribution: Properties and Estimation. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 53(2), 32–47.