Corona: Concepts for an Improved Statistical Database


  • Wilfried Grossmann Universitaet Wien
  • Peter Hackl
  • Josef Richter



Statistics about Corona are of main interest for the public. Looking at the published data shows a gap between existing data  and the  information needed for evidence based decisions. The paper proposes an approach for improving the situation. After an analysis of the existing data regards to the quality criteria of Official Statistics, a three step approach is discussed. The first step is a Statistical Corona Register based on existing health data. The second step is building a so-called   Extended Statistical Corona Register, which integrates health data and sociodemographic data. In a last step  ideas for a Statistical Data Warehouse Corona are outlined. Finally, the opportunities of this approach for possible analyses and reporting are discussed.

The paper emphasizes the need of a close cooperation between Public Health and  National Statistical Institutes in the efforts for builing such an improved database.




How to Cite

Grossmann, W., Hackl, P., & Richter, J. (2022). Corona: Concepts for an Improved Statistical Database. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 51(3), 1–26.