Using Toll Data to Improve the Quality of Road Freight Transport Statistics (RFTS) on Austrian Roads


  • Stefan Fleck Statistics Austria
  • Thomas Karner
  • Sabine Schuster
  • Brigitte Weninger



The European road freight transport statistics (RFTS) result from surveys, which are conducted by several states on the basis of EU-legislation. As there is no strict methodology for the implementation of these surveys, they are slightly different regarding the individual states.

This article analyses the additional use of toll data to improve the European RFTS and to impute transport volume and performance of third states affecting the Austrian territory. First, it was attempted to derive journeys as defined in the RFTS from the toll data and assign them to their type of transport. These analyses were very elaborate but showed no satisfying results. The number of journeys from the RFTS data and toll data were too different to allow a reliable interpretation. Hence, this approach was rejected.

A comparison of vehicle-kilometres on the higher road network between the two data sources proved to be more successful, as the differences were in an explainable and acceptable scope. Two thirds of them could be derived from methodological reasons regarding the survey in the respective member states and due to missing third states. On the basis of the vehicle-kilometres from the toll data a correction factor for the RFTS results of the individual member states and a procedure for the imputation of third states were developed and applied to publish weighted results.




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Fleck, S., Karner, T., Schuster, S., & Weninger, B. (2020). Using Toll Data to Improve the Quality of Road Freight Transport Statistics (RFTS) on Austrian Roads. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 49(5), 18–34.